Heyyyy person viewing page! My name is Annalyssa Lucille Arvizu, but everyone calls me Annie. I am a photographer from Utah and I am so happy you are here.

Fun facts about Annie:

I am allergic to Bee’s

I have never gotten a speeding ticket or been pulled over (knock on wood)

I have been to 8 different countries (besides the U.S.) including England, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Mexico, and Canada

I am a Sophomore at Utah Valley University studying Public Relations with a minor in Digital Media.

I grew up figure skating & running track (events: 100+300 hurdles, 400 M, + Long Jump)

I don’t like chocolate (I know, shocking)

My favorite band is Walk The Moon, but I also love Ben Howard + Iron & Wine + Frank Ocean.

I love mountains + lakes + greenery more than the beach, but I still love the beach

& I love pineapple, especially on my pizza

Thanks for stopping by. Have a stellar, phenomenal, spectacular day.